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Cenes and some Otivar

We (Folke, Gilles and I) flew mainly at Cenes as it was mostly too windy on the coast. Folke managed a couple of grid challenges (thank you Martin Baxter) and Gilles flew around a bit. We managed one day in Otivar where Folke almost made it to the beach and Gilles flew around a bit. Oh we did get to fly at La Herradura as well here and there.


Cenes… where else…

Ken, Wallis, Graham K., Tony and Neil flew most of the week at Cenes. We managed an out and return (Sabinas to Alhambra) and the rest was thermal practice in and around the valley. We did get to fly La Herradura and Otivar at the end of the week but helas no O2H. I test flew the Mentor6 and Wallis got a glimpse of his reserve.


We almost had a whole week of flying in Cenes because of strong westerly winds on the coast. Plenty of thermalling practise for Bernard, Annie and Graham. Yesterday we finally got to fly in Otivar which meant that Bernard and Graham went for La Herradura. And in the evening Bernard managed a flight (wave) at La Herradura (500msl).

Difficult week

A high pressure sitting over Russia messed up our normal flying weather last week. We (Iain, Helen, Phil, Graham, Steve and Annie) did try to make the most out it. We flew Itrabo, Otivar , La Herradura and Castala. Today was actually the best day of the week. Cenes was back to normal with thermal tops up to 2100m and Graham managed to fly to the Alhambra and back.

Exped XVII week 2

Another week of flying although the weather (very strong westerlies) tried to put a stop to it. We had to drive to Castala for most of it. Yesterday we had a normal day at Granada with thermal tops up to 3000m and a trip to Las Sabinas and the Alhambra palace as a reward. In the evening we even managed a soaring flight at La Herradura.

Exped XVII first week

The first week of the exped has been good for flying except for yesterday when we had rain and wind. The guys flew Otivar, Cenes, Itrabo and lots of La Herradura. fingers crossed for week two as the weather forecast is looking a bit more complicated.

A full on week!

Ulf and Peter had a full on week’s flying. Most of the flying we did was done at Otivar. They made sure their reward was a landing on the beach of either Herradura or Almuñécar. Two days we had to go to Cenes as the wind was too strong on the coast and Otivar. Oh yes I have put a new windsock up at Cenes take off.


Another great day at Otivar where conditions made it posible to fly a route I wanted to try for a while. Taking off at Otivar flying to Pico del Cielo back to Otivar continuing to Molvizar and back to Otivar. Finishing off the 4 hour flight at the beach of San Cristobal (Almuñécar). Thanks Mariette for driving the car back down to the hotel California.

Otivar to …

Thanks Mike and Mariette for the retrieve after a long (6 hours) flight from Otivar to Abdalajis. A flight I was hoping to do for a long long time and yesterday was that day. It was a blue sky with light wind conditions and thermal tops were around 1800msl. It was a slow paced day but I was more than happy to take it all in.

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