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Woke up with a cloud covered sky but decided to go for a ride and a maybe flight at Otivar. It didn’t look very promising but I took off anyway.

Conditions were slow to start with but gradually got better and better. The Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge were in shade so I went for the sunny area direction east. Managed to fly to Itrabo and got back to take off with some topping up half way. By that time the sun was on Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge so topped up there and returned to take off. Turned out to be a great day!


Otivar and Darro

Yesterday we went to Otivar where Steffen and Hartmut flew to La Herradura. Daniel landed (safely) 200m short of the beach.

Today we had a strong northerly wind blowing on the coast so Daniel and I went for Darro (8C) 1900msl (0C). Dennis, Steffen and Hartmut didn’t fancy the long drive so they stayed at the beach (20C). They flew from Alfamar.


We flew at Otivar today. Steffen, Tim and Daniel made it to the beach after struggling at the Pyramid for almost an hour. Hartmut didn’t have to stop over and went straight for Sole Tree Ridge. They all arrived with enough height to soar the Herradura Ridge before it got too busy. Dennis stayed around the Otivar area.

Cenes and Otivar

Yesterday Martin and Yushin left for the airport whilst Dennis, Hartmut, Steffen, Daniel and I went for Cenes. Thermals were far and between at the normal take off but the south face provided plenty of lift. Daniel and Steffen managed to get up and have a ball. Today Otivar was the place to be. Steffen made it to the beach, Daniel had to land after Twin Peaks and relaunch again, Hartmut and Dennis flew for 4 hours in circles around take off.

Padre Eterno, some rain, La Herradura and Cenes

The day before yesterday we had a very stable day so we went for a big top to bottom (1.100m and 6km glide) in the Alpujarras. Then the rain came at night but yesterday was flyable in the evening at La Herradura. Today Dennis, Hartmut, Steffen and Daniel joined and we went for Cenes De la Vega which turned out to be the right choice.

Sunday & Monday

Yesterday Martin, Yushin and I went for Cenes. They got to fly from the west side all day. After 4 attempts we returned to the HC.

Today Martin and I went for Cenes again but this time we went for the south side. It paid off big time. Lots of airtime with some small XC.

Otivar – Pico – Almuñécar

Mike and I were up for a big flight so we made the most of it. Otivar take off to Pyramid on to Sole Tree Ridge up to behind Twin Peaks all the way to below Pico del Cielo. Mike went on to La Herradura and I went to Almuñécar. A good day indeed.

Long day

After an hour of struggling below take off I finally got up and away following the usual route to the Pyramid then Sole Tree Ridge and behind Twin Peaks. Usually there is some more lift there but not today so I returned to take off after toplanding at Peña Escrita for a number one.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

On Friday the Dutch group had a good day at Cenes. Plenty of thermal practice the whole day.

On Saturday they managed an extended top to bottom as they had to leave to catch a plane in the early afternoon. Mike and I flew to the beach afterwards.

On Sunday Mike, Mariette and I went for Otivar. The conditions were a bit of a hit and miss. Quite good once you got up but very frustrating if you couldn’t find the initial tricky thermal.

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