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A fun flying week(ish)

Ralph and Hilla had 5 days of flying fun. An O2H flight on the first day then a day at Cenes de La Vega the south face. An Itrabo day and 2 La Herradura days. Lots of other pilots around made it easier to spot the thermals but made flying at La Herradura a bit more tricky.

A tricky but very rewarding flight

Otivar to Pico del Cielo and back

Always a nice out and return especially in December!

Difficult but possible

The weather conditions this week were rather tricky for flying (wind or rain – wind and rain) so finding suitable site was difficult. Alan and I had to drive to Castala to fly on the first day where he managed 40 minutes in thermals. Yesterday was a chill out day and today we decided to go to Cenes de La Vega as a strong northerly higher up is making flying difficult fly anywhere else.

Which forecast?! Meh..

We had to guess this week where to find the right conditions but besides one day we managed to fly the whole week. La Herradura, Cenes de La Vega and Otivar were all flown. None of the forecast models couldn’t get it right so we did it the old fashioned way “stick your head out of the window and check the sky”.

A week full of flying

It was a week full of flying at Otivar, La Herradura, Itrabo and Cenes De la Vega. Ben made it from Otivar to La Herradura well done. Paul, James, Henk and Kris flew their socks off at Otivar and La Herradura. I had a test flight on the Phi Maestro2 which was a bonus.

Well that went rather well…

We expected a tricky week. And we got a tricky week. The forecast was strong winds above the 1500m level everywhere around Granada. We managed to fly every day of the week mainly Otívar as that was one of the few sites protected from the strong wind. Adri, Owen, Liam and Steve made the most of the conditons. Yesterday we even got treated with some wave flying up to 600m at La Herradura.

If you don’t go you don’t know …

The weather looked pretty much rubbish to be honest this morning and the forecast for the rest of the day wasn’t much better.

We decided to go out anyway to see what was going on so we drove to Moclin. Graham, Andrew and Steve flew for almost 2 hours…

After returning to the coast we had a look at Itrabo. And lo and behold it was working quite well as well. So you never know until you go…

4 sites in one day…

We started at Otívar where we flew for about 40 minutes before the clouds decided to come down towards take off. We went to Itrabo where Graham Steve and Andrew flew but unfortunately a massive big black cloud decided to stop all flying activity for a while. We went for a cuppa and after when the sky cleared they flew from Alfamar for an extended flight down. And finally they managed a 20 minute soaring flight at La Herradura to finish off the day.

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