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Back to normal…

Maintenance has finished well actually it never finishes but hey you have to stop sometime… so all is back to normal. La Herradura was on this morning/midday so I had a float around before it got too strong. Happy days…

Mid week escape

Maintenance is still going on at the HC but I managed to escape the hotel to do some tandems at La Herradura with my nieces. Conditions were quite light but good enough to get everybody 15 minutes of airtime. Happy faces happy days. 

Yes it’s that day of the week again 

Another week of maintenance has gone past and another Sunday has arrived. Forecast was for a light southerly easterly wind so up to Otivar. Lumpy bumpy thermals mixed with a few inversions on different heights made it quite interesting today. I eventually got away to the pyramid where my first attempt to cross over to Lone Tree Ridge failed but my second one was successful. I couldn’t get much higher than the ridge (or it wasn’t there or I couldn’t find it) so I returned back to take off to top land. Back to maintenance tomorrow. 

Another Sunday another flight 

I arrived at 11:30 at Otivar and  thermals were already pushing through strong. Conditions were quite feisty lower down so I didn’t hang about and as soon as I had a enough height I was on my way to the Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge. As conditions were getting ‘more interesting’ I returned swiftly to take off for a top landing. Back to the building work tomorrow. 

Mid week pause

I started another maintenance job but couldn’t wait until Sunday so I went for a morning flight at Otivar.  An out an return to Sole Tree Ridge was the aim. I almost got stuck there when high level clouds came in from the west. I waited and soared below ridge level for the sun to reach its full potential again to push me back up above and beyond Sole tree ridge enabling me to return to take off. I was back at work at 14:00. 

It must be Sunday

Another week of maintenance at the HC has gone. The terrace has been put back together. Let’s hope is stays like this for a while. At around 11:00 I raced to take off as it looked great at La Herradura . Tested the new Gpsbip which worked fine. The voice telling me height and speed is pretty nice and that it is solar powered means no more batteries. Conditions were good until 13:30. 


Another week of maintenance gone so another Sunday to relax and to go flying. Otivar was working but it was not as good as last Sunday. I did finally get away to the Pyramid after struggling to push through a very strong inversion layer. With what should have been enough height I left for Sole Tree Ridge.  I got drilled and thrashed on the way so I turned back. Got drilled some more but found a low save that got me back up to land on take off.  

En fin…

Got to fly this morning at Otivar after a week of maintenance on the HC terrace. Tracy and I arrived at take off at 11:00 and it was already booming. Up in the air conditions were quite sporty to almost unpleasant so I cracked on. I passed the Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge which were quite active as well. After topping up I went for Twin Peaks which worked quite well so after rocketing back up I continued towards the coast. I went for a bit of soaring on the easterly facing hill before landing on a busy beach of La Herradura. Back to maintenance tomorrow. 

The early bird…

Looking at the forecast we went straight to Herradura this morning   We were rewarded with a perfect gentle breeze from the SW on take off. So we all had a good long flight before the wind picked up at 12:30. We went back to the HC for a cuppa and returned to have a look again for an afternoon/evening flight. There was an Enzo flying when we arrived but he looked pinned so we gave it a miss. 

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