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Well done Steve P. for your 21st O2H. A black badge for you!

Well done Matt for your first O2H. A blue badge for you.


Thermal tops were up to 2100msl to start with but a strong northerly made us stay around the Cenes valley.

Later on the climbs were up to 2350msl so a trip tot the Alhambra and back was possible.

Otívar …

Not the day we’d hoped for at Otívar. Plans were made and almost straight away cancelled at take off. Low cloud on the coast stopped any XC to the beach.

We flew around for a while until the cloud descended onto take off and moved to Itrabo. After a thermal flight to cloudbase (which wasn’t that high) we went back to the hotel California.

And again…

We weren’t finished with Cenes de La Vega yet so back up to the south take off for some more thermalling and hopefully an small XC.

We had to wait until the afternoon before flying to Las Sabinas and back. Thermal tops were at 2500msl. Unfortunately a turnpoint at Alhambra was not possible today.

Cenes – (almost) Alhambra- Las Sabinas

Even more…

We went to Cenes for some more thermalling and some posible XC flying and we got rewarded with thermal tops up to 2400msl and a trip to the Alhambra and Las Sabinas in the end. Well done Steve (again) for leading the pack.

Nice one…

A great day in Cenes today (finally). Thermal tops were up to 2500msl. Steve managed to fly to las Sabinas and all the way to the Alhambra. Well done you! Graham, Iain, Matt and David managed the thermal around the Cenes area.

O2H !

Some made the transition from Otívar to Herradura today. Well done Denis. Phil, Iain and Helen decided to stay around take off. Graham and Steve arrived straight from the airport to take off after passing by the hotel California for an O2H flight.

After regrouping we all flew from Itrabo to the beach of Velilla.

Same stuff different day

Back to Otívar for some more flying. Everybody was all geared up for an O2H but unfortunately the easterly wind had other ideas. So we stayed and flew around the Otívar area. We skipped Cenes this time

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