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Last week we had a group of Swiss pilots. They flew at Otívar, Cenes (west and south take off) Itrabo and Castala. The highlight was on Thursday where some of the group got to 3800m up into the Sierra Nevada.

Cenes de la Vega

Cenes and Otívar

A tricky week finding the right place to fly this week but Michael, Christophe and Jorge managed 5 out of 6 days flying. Cenes, Otívar and Itrabo were flown. Michael even managed to find an alternative landing field at Otívar…..

Fly and fly and fly some more…

Graham wanted to get away from the rain and wind in the UK so he arrived 6 days ago for some fun flying in the sun. He managed 6 days out of 6. Cenes de la Vega, Otívar, Itrabo and La Herradura were all flown some with more success than others. A week full of flying fun.

Finally a good day again

Well it took a while but we had an excellent day for an XC flight at Otívar today. Mike and I took off early but managed to climb out after a struggle to 1800msl. So we had an easy transition to Peña Escrita. We got back up all the way to 1800msl and flew to Pico del Cielo. On our way back we topped back up to 1900msl so we had plenty of height to fly back and land at take off. Easy peazy squeeze the lemon.

On the last day

Chris who stayed a couple of days extra finally managed to fly La Herradura with lots of other pilots. Yes it became quite busy

A happy 2020!!

Lots of flying at lots of different sites for the last 2 weeks. We flew Otívar, Moclin, Cenes, Itrabo and Los Pinos. Chris, Justin and Steffen had fun in the sun.


Bastienne and Erwin managed to fly 6 days out of 7 although the weather wasn’t at its best. They tested two new wings the Swing Helios RS and the BGD Cure2. They flew Otivar, Cenes, Itrabo and Castala.

No Cenes

Graham, Bryan and Steve flew at Darro, Castala, La Herradura and Otivar (2 x O2H!) but no Cenes for once. It was a week where we had to drive to fly but it was worth it.

Busy week

Rudi and his fledglings (Wouter, Ludo, Peter, Jorge, Patrick, Luc, Paul, Samir, Philippe and Corneel) from Belgium had a fun week’s flying at the HC. Although the weather didn’t always play along they managed to fly most of the week at Cenes, Darro, Aguadulce, La Herradura and Castala (almost). Well done guys.

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