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As conditions didn’t look too promising anywhere else we stayed at Otivar. There was a blue gap for a while which gave us enough time to climb out above take off. Hartmut did 4 hours Ed did 3 hours (incl. 2 out and returns to the Pyramid), Dennis did 3 hours as well and Bryan had to give in after 1 hour and a half (he needed to go…). 

19 years in the making

We woke up to an overcast sky this morning again. We decided to give Sierra Lujar a go. It doesn’t have a good track record for flying but we were happy to give it go. After a long drive we arrived at take off. Wind from the front – check. No low cloud obstructing the flight to the beach too much – check. Bryan went first then Hartmut and last off was Dennis. All made it easily to the beach. Ps Bryan tried 19 years ago with his Flight Design A4 and stranded 500m from the beach. This time he arrived with 500m height spare!

Again better than…

Again a cloudy sky (high cirrus) awaited us yesterday in the morning. Low cloud at Otivar made us move to Granada. It was the better choice. 1800msl which considering the conditions was better than expected. We had to take off from the south face though. 

More than expected

We woke up to an overcast sky and low cloud on the coast. We delayed the departure for flying for half an hour. And indeed 30′ later the sky opened up and we went up to Otivar. Bryan managed to squeeze out an 1 1/2 hour thermalling above take off. Denis and Hartmut did some more thermal practise. Bernard had a day off. Low cloud came back in so we went home 

Otivar and La Herradura 

We (Denis, Hartmut, Bernard and Bryan) arrived at Otivar to find a very strong inversion sitting level at take off. We had to wait a bit for the thermals to work above take off. Clouds marked the height at about 1200msl so most flew around for a couple of hours. Bryan (on his new Ion4) did an out and return to the Pyramid. Later on we flew at La Herradura until sun set. Still a great day! 

More of the same…

Otivar again a strong southerly was forecast for Granada like yesterday. Which was the right choice. Andy went for the beach of La  Herradura to pick up Catherina to drive back to the airport. Bernard managed an out and return to the Pyramid. Dennis and Hartmut flew around the area. Bryan arrived in the afternoon but was too tired to fly. Good day had by all. 

Otivar and beyond…

Yesterday was blown out so we chilled out. Today it was back to normal. Andy went for the beach via Peña Escrita (1750msl). Geordie got stuck at Pyramid and had to return. Andy picked up Geordie as he had to catch a plane. Dennis and Hartmut flew around to get to know the area better. And Bernard who arrived in the afternoon flew around until it all switched off.  I managed to get to the Cross and back. 

Rain … for one day

Yesterday it was a washout so we chilled out. Today looked similar but it turned out to be a great day for La Herradura. Geordie and I took off at 11:00. Andy joined us at around 13:00. We flew until we were ready for a cup of tea/coffee at around 16:00. 

La Herradura and Cenes

We started at La Herradura. Geordie and Andy went first. Catherina and I took off a bit later when the wind was stronger. We flew around until the wind picked up. Andy lost his phone and found it again (lucky guy or what?!). After dropping off Catherina on the beach of Almuñécar we went for Cenes. Geordies first flight was eventful (he had about 6 collapses in a span of 5 minutes). So after a relaxing coffee we went up again. The air was smoother this time. We flew again and this time it was much better. 

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