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Short stop over

Steffen only stayed for a few days at the HC but maximised his flying. Conditions weren’t that easy but he managed to complete the task and land at the beach of La Herradura. 2 days flying with 2 O2H’s under his belt he went back home. Oh we also managed a soaring flight at La Herradura.

10 days non-stop flying

Neil (Billy-no-mates) arrived Friday and went straight flying at La Herradura after he dropped his suitcase off at the hotel California. Lots of La Herradura flying for the first couple of days. After that it was Cenes for a bit and the last two days we finally managed to fly Otívar. Neil got the fly the O2H twice.

La Herradura
La Herradura
La Herradura

Busy flying

There was plenty of flying in the two weeks Wallis was here. Several O2H flights with an out and return from Pico Del Cielo as a definite highlight of the 2 weeks. Some Herradura and some Cenes de la Vega and a Andalucian Competition as the cherry on the cake.

Pico Del Cielo
La Herradura
La Herradura
Cenes de la Vega
Cenes de la Vega

Mixed week

With a rather complicated weather forecast we managed to fly at Otívar and Cenes de La Vega last week. Well done Richard, Harry and Chris for making it to the beach of La Herradura from Otívar.

Forecasts and reality

Although the forecast for the week was pretty rubbish. It was going to be either rain or wind or rain and wind. The reality turned out to be far better. Martin, Liam, Wyatt and Ralf flew everyday. Cenes Otívar and La Herradura were maximised. Well done Liam on your first O2H.

A plethora of weather and nationalities

A week of wind, cloud and rain dodging but we managed to fly most of the week. Cenes de la Vega and La Herradura were used as our main thermalling and soaring sites. The group of pilots who were here came from Germany, Luxembourg, Holland and Ukraine.

BBQ night!

Two weeks of fun (17days really)…

Andree, Chris, Phil, Andy and Justin had a plethora of flights Cenes, Moclin, La Herradura, Otívar and Itrabo. Unfortunately no O2H’s or big XC’s but plenty of fun and laughter. We spent Xmas and New Year with friends and had a ball. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a great new year….


Andree was supposed to stay for a week but decided that because of the bad weather in his country he’d stay another 3 days for some more flying.

Which he did and managed almost 10 days nonstop flying even if the conditions weren’t always in favour for aviation.


Strong easterly wind on the coast so we went for Cenes De la Vega. The south face was working so we flew until we got too cold. We landed back on take off to warm up. We walked back up to the south face and flew again. Thermal tops were around 1900msl.

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