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A full on week!

Ulf and Peter had a full on week’s flying. Most of the flying we did was done at Otivar. They made sure their reward was a landing on the beach of either Herradura or Almuñécar. Two days we had to go to Cenes as the wind was too strong on the coast and Otivar. Oh yes I have put a new windsock up at Cenes take off.



Another great day at Otivar where conditions made it posible to fly a route I wanted to try for a while. Taking off at Otivar flying to Pico del Cielo back to Otivar continuing to Molvizar and back to Otivar. Finishing off the 4 hour flight at the beach of San Cristobal (Almuñécar). Thanks Mariette for driving the car back down to the hotel California.

Otivar to …

Thanks Mike and Mariette for the retrieve after a long (6 hours) flight from Otivar to Abdalajis. A flight I was hoping to do for a long long time and yesterday was that day. It was a blue sky with light wind conditions and thermal tops were around 1800msl. It was a slow paced day but I was more than happy to take it all in.

A week’s flying

Arnaud and Bernard had an ok week’s flying. The weather wasn’t particularly brilliant but we managed to fly everyday from a potential O2H day, to a thermic day at Cenes, to a ttb from Itrabo and with lots and lots of soaring at la Herradura with a special (wave) day where we went up to almost 600m at the end of the day.

Xmas and New Year

Today was the last day of a two weeks flying period around Xmas and New Year. We flew every day at different sites : Otivar , Cenes de la Vega, Itrabo, Padre Eterno and Sierra de Lujar. Thanks Mike, Mariette, Wouter, Ellen, Eric, Ulf and Eva for coming to join us here at the hotel California for the festive period.

Back to normal

Chris Hans Brigit and Wytse had a full weeks of flying besides one day of strong easterly wind. Otivar and Cenes were on the program with a couple of Itrabo days thrown in.

Much better

Rudi Wouter Pieter Peter Philippe and Ken had a normal week’s flying as the weather had changed for the better. Lots of days flying at Cenes de la Vega. We managed one day Otivar which was enough for Ken to fly to the beach although conditions were marginal.

Difficult week

Rain and wind, wind and rain a difficult week where we had to drive to Darro to have at least one good day. 1900m asl and a two hour flight for some. A few top to bottoms at Cenes on the last day and that was it.

Mixed week

Huub, Martijn, Jan and Hein had a week of mixed flying. From top to bottoms from Itrabo to an O2H for Martijn a few days ago. Cenes south and west take off were flown as well.

Plenty of alpine and reverse launching practice to be had at different sites. La Herradura was the icing on the cake yesterday for a he guys.

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