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Herradura on/off

I managed a few tandems in the morning as the conditions were good to fly at La Herradura. Then the wind turned to the south (again)  and we had to wait until the evening to fly again. According to the forecast it should have been good all day….yeah right. 


I quickly rushed out this morning as the wind looked good for La Herradura.  Unfortunately it cloudy completely in as I arrived. But 5 minutes later the low cloud disappeared and it was flyable. Only for half an hour though as the wind decided to turn more south. 


After another day of maintenance at the hotel I went to La Herradura for a flight. Wind wasn’t as strong as yesterday but I managed to squeeze out half an hour before it completely switched off. 

Big clouds inland blue sky on the coast

Busy busy with some maintenance at the hotel until 16:30. Went for a ride on the bike and had a look at La Herradura.  Raced back for my wing and flew for an hour. As Tim’s wing hasn’t come back from its annual checkup he had a go on mine. 


Yesterday the coast started off with a blue sky until low clouds in the afternoon covered the sky. Wind was south east. Granada had another thunderstorm to deal with resulting in snow up in the Sierra Nevada. 

Today the day started off with low clouds in the morning on the coast which slowly disolved in the afternoon. Wind again from the south east. 

Both days were filled with maintenance on the hotel. 


Another good day at Otivar. Plenty of lift around at midday. Thermal tops at take off were at 1250msl.  Just enough to fly to the Pyramid. A top up back to 1250msl and on to Sole Tree Ridge. There thermals were higher up to 1350msl. Couldn’t find any more lift at Peña Escrita so I returned back to take off. After that conditions deteriorated as big clouds coming from Granada, were another thunderstorm was brewing , shadowed over most of the ground. Still a good day. 

Better day

The thunderstorm around Granada must have cleared the air a bit yesterday as I managed to get above take off (Otivar) fairly easy. But unfortunately I couldn’t get above 1200msl. So I flew around for a while until I had enough and toplanded. At least no long hike this time. 

Fly and walk 

11 minute flight and an hour walk. Otivar doesn’t give it for free all the time. They had another big thunderstorm in Granada this afternoon. 


Yesterday and today it was flyable at La Herradura.

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