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Yesterday (still very windy on the coast) the guys managed to get some flying in. Hartmut managed a good 40′ soaring at Cenes before the wind picked up too much. Today (still very very wind on the coast) was a shock to the system as the temperatures dropped to 5C on take off at Cenes. Interest was low as it was getting windier and colder. So we came back to the HC for tea and coffee. Finally the wind dropped at the coast.  Dennis and Steffen got their feet in the air for 5′ before the wind turned north. 


A very very windy forecast on the coast made us drive straight to Cenes. It took some time before Cenes started working because of the high cirrus but in the afternoon it got going quite well.  Thermals stopped around 1700msl and the guys had plenty of airtime. Another good day. 

Herradura no Cenes yes Herradura no

The forecast was for a nice westerly wind so we had a look at La Herradura. After a 2 hour wait we decided to can it and go for Cenes. It was the right choice. Steffen and Hartmut got up to 2100msl. Demian and Romain got up to 3200msl all the way up in the ski station. Dennis had a good time flying around take off. We went back home to have another look at la Herradura in the evening but it wasn’t to be. 

Otivar extraordinaire

An even better day was had at Otivar but it  was a bit feisty at the inversion level 1500msl. Hartmut and Steffen were on fire whilst Dennis was having an easy day bimbling around take off. Steffen and Hartmut had a relative easy ride all the way through to the beach. Whilst Hartmut arrived with 400m Steffen decided to do one better by arriving at La Herradura with 1000msl… 


Another great day at Otivar with plenty of lift around in some places so it was not given for free. You had to work for it. Thermal tops were at 1600msl which warranted a flight to the Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge. Conditions there were a bit choppy so we came back. 

Finally good after wind, wet and weird

It took a few days for the weather to sort itself out. We had a day of rain. Then came the wind and after that it all went weird. So we waited patiently for better conditions. Finally today was the day where conditions were back to almost normal. 1600m asl at otivar. Rob and Paul went to Sole Tree Ridge and back as there was too much wind on the coast to go further. Nigel, David and Agnieska had a ball thermalling in the otivar valley. 


We tried La Herradura as the wind was forecast from the west but it wasn’t happening so we moved to Cenes. After a top to bottom the conditions started to work. With a cloudbase at 2200m a trip to the tunnel was possible and many enjoyed a few hours flying in a very boyant sky. 

La Herradura

Last day for Richard and what a nice day and way to finish the week with a flight at La Herradura. Andree has still got tomorrow before he travels back as well. 


Finally Darro did us proud and was working a treat. 2 hours soaring and thermalling at 1800msl and sub zero temperatures. Thankfully someone invented battery heated gloves. Well done Andree and Richard. 

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