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Thank you Darro!

We left a very very windy coast this morning. So we headed for Darro. It was tricky to start with as the wind was light during midday but afterwards it was working just fine. Gary managed 1700msl. Dom and Adam struggled to stay up but got two extended top to bottoms in.


21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26

Gary, Dominic and Adam arrived on Sunday in the afternoon. We had a look at La Herradura but the wind didn’t want to increase so we went home.

Monday we started at Cenes with a couple of top to bottoms and finished at La Herradura for some evening soaring.

Tuesday we went for Otivar for some thermalling where lift went up to 1500msl.

Wednesday it was back to Otivar. The conditions were a bit more stable but they still managed some thermalling.

Thursday La Herradura worked for a few hours. The rest of the day was spent on groundhandle practice.

Today Pegalajar was the right place to be as the rest of the sites were blown out. Plenty of soaring and thermalling possibilities. Gary and I flew. Adam and Dominic decided to give it a miss as take off conditions were quite feisty.

1 and 2

Yesterday Dennis, Steffen and I decided to avoid the crowd around the coastal area and went to Cenes. We flew from the south face and managed to get up to 1500msl. Dennis and Steffen managed two flights before we went to Padul for a potential evening soaring flight. Unfortunately the wind was way to strong. So beer and tapas it was at the HC.

Today Dennis and Steffen had to leave for the airport but they had some time to try and fly La Herradura. Dennis had a go but it was way too light. So they went. The wind did increase but from the north so it was no go anyway.

30 and 31

Yesterday we went to Otivar but decided to go for Itrabo as take off was full with 40 pilots and conditions were not too brilliant. So Itrabo Libre was chosen as the Dutch had flown there before earlier (they had to leave for the airport). We flew but had to land before the mist came in.

Today we decided to go for La Herradura as did 80 other pilots. Chris (mini wing), Steffen (normal wing) and I (tandem) flew. The rest didn’t fancy the madness on take off and in the air. Wind picked up so we all came down.


We left a strong northerly wind on the coast to go inland to Cenes. After the clouds started lifting at take off everybody had plenty of thermalling with 50 Swiss pilots…. yep that many. Later on we had a look at Padul but it was a too strong there. So we returned to the HC for beer and tapas.

Iffy weather…

Yesterday was a windy wet day so everybody had a day chilling. Today was still very windy but not wet on the coast. We went for a new site called Dalias where Erwin flew and the rest watched as they weren’t too happy with the conditions and the landing area.

Change of weather…

We managed to squeeze out another day of aviation. It did take a long drive to Alhamilla (Almería) to find a take off out of the strong westerly wind. Erwin, Bastienne, Martin and I soared for a while before it all switched off and we returned back to the HC. For tomorrow more wind has been forecast so alternative activities have been planned.

Flying Dutch

The usual group from The Netherlands arrived quite late last night and after a short night we headed for Otivar around 10:00. Plenty of thermalling around the area but not the day to fly to La Herradura as there was a very strong easterly wind blowing on the coast.

Otivar until the cloud

Martin, Chris and I went for Otivar. Martin managed to sneak in an O2H flight and Chris did 2 hours thermalling before low cloud stopped the fun. We returned to the coast to pick up Martin before returning to the HC for a cup of tea.

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