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Nigel decided not to fly today so I had a look at Otivar anyway. 1700msl. Easy transitions to Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge. Coming back was easy as well so I went as far a Lentiji. And to lose some height as conditions were getting a bit feisty. Still a great flight. 

Back to the normal … O2H!

Nigel and I went straight for Otivar  as the forecast was for a light southerly wind. Romain and his group joined us as well. So the race was on. Well not really. We all took our time as conditions weren’t straight forward. Eventually Nigel, Romain and Hugo managed to break free from take off, went for the pyramid, passed over Sole Tree Ridge, along the Twin Peaks and straight down the beach of La Herradura. 

Not the best day…still

Steve P left this morning early. Nigel and I went for Cenes as the forecast for a strongish westerly on the coast. After a top to bottom Nigel and I waited for better conditions. Unfortunately it never happened. Wind picked up strong from the south so we canned it and  went home for tea. Interesting cloud formation though.  

O2H again … 

Steve and Nigel took off straight after we arrived at take off at Otivar as conditions were booming. 1600msl at take off so no stopping at the pyramid. At Sole Tree Ridge back up to 1700msl and straight for Twin Peaks. An hour later they were on the beach. We went back up for a potential second O2H but conditions were a bit too feisty for our taste. So up to Cenes which didn’t produce nice thermals at all so after a 20 minute  battle in the air we returned to the HC. 

La Herradura or bust…

It rained last night but as per usual the sun came out in the morning. Otivar was out as the wind was forecast from the west. We gambled on La Herradura as we thought conditions were going to be too strong at Cenes. It took a few hours but eventually La Herradura started working. Steve P and Pete went for it followed by the French pilots who had come from Granada with Romain. The Norwegians finally showed up and joined as well. As the wind started picking up Steve P and Pete decided to come in to land at the beach. Happy days. 

O2H oh yes again

A high cirrus cloud in the sky stopped the sun from coming out until 11:30 at Otivar. But as soon as the sun reappeared it all started working. Steve and Nigel were on form and went for the coastal run. 1 Hour later they were on the beach of La Herradura. We went back to Otivar for a second attempt but Steve and Nigel got stopped at the pyramid with high cloud covering up the sun again. They returned back to launch and flew until they had enough. 

O2H yep again…

Steve P (yes still here) and Nigel (arrived with Sarah yesterday evening) and I went for Otivar. Conditions were optimum and they got on their way with Steve leading the way and Nigel not far behind. They both managed the O2H without a problem. We went back up later and although a coast run was not possibme anymore they still had plenty of thermal practice. 


Graham, Michele and Alan left this morning after breakfast. Steve N and Angie decided to chill at the hotel before leaving as well. Mark, Steve P, Wallis and Ken had a O2H. After that Mark stayed at the HC to get ready to leave as well. Wallis, Ken and Steve P then went for a second attempt to the beach from Otivar. Ken and Steve P made it whilst Wallis got drilled after Twin Peaks. Still a brilliant day with some interesting conditions. 

2150m @ Otivar

With a forecast of a light south easterly wind our hopes were high for an O2H run. It was on as soon as we arrived.  Everybody climbed out straight away and got very high (1700msl) above take off. No stopping to top at the pyramid required. At Sole Tree all topped back up to 1700msl, Mark and Alan got even higher to 2150msl!  Ken and Wallis went for Almuñecar beach. The rest went for La Herradura beach. Graham, Steve P and Steve N wanted to fly Cenes in the afternoon which they did but it could not top the morning flight at Otivar. 

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