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Pico del Cielo

The morning started off with a police stop riding up to Otívar. After the necessary paperwork (and some convincing) I was back on my way to take off. Conditions were slow to start but I got up and away. The usual thermal stop at Pyramid, Sole Tree Ridge, Peña Escrita and Pico Del Cielo. After a tricky top landing and a picture of the cross I flew back to take off. Thermal tops were up to 1600msl. Not bad for November the 2nd.

Back to U.K.

Iain and Helen left for the U.K. this morning. I went for a a flight or three at Otivar.


Iain managed to do his 21 O2H flight today and therefore receiving a black and gold badge. Helen decided to stay around the area as conditions deteriorated (from quite thermic to quite bumpy). Well done guys and thanks again for supporting us in these difficult/strange/unprecedented times.

Back to Otivar

Great day at Otívar. Thermal tops up to 1600msl. Plenty of lift (and sink) around. The thermals continued going until 17:00.


We had to wait for a (long) while but eventually La Herradura did it’s magic stuff and our patience paid off. It did work until sunset.

Windy coast

Windy on the coast so we went for Cenes which was ok for a while.

Otívar then Herradura

A classic day today. We went for a Otívar so Iain flew to the beach of La Herradura. There were plenty of vultures to show where the thermals were located. Helen flew around the area. We returned back to Herradura to pick Iain up and went soaring for the remainder of the day.

A change …

Back to Otívar for a change. O2H for Iain. Conditions were rather full on so Helen decided to sit this one out. Cloudbase was low to start with at sole tree ridge but lifted enough for Iain to pass to fly to La Herradura. Afterwards Iain and Helen flew from Itrabo to the beach of Vellila.

Cloud so Cenes

Cloud on the coast so we went for Cenes.

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