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Rain, relax and recharge

Rain did finally (properly) enter Spain around the 22nd messing up some pilots flying holiday (Rudi, Vanessa and Rob). They did manage some aviation here and there. Farmers (rain) and the ski resort Sol y Nieve (snow) are more than pleased with the weather at the moment. So time for relaxing and recharging. And upgrading a take off. 

La Herradura!!

After breakfast and briefing we went straight for La Herradura and used the only opportunity to get in the air today.  Rudi and Rob flew as long as they could before the wind got too strong. After they landed the wind picked up and never really dropped anymore during the day for another flight.  


It was Andy’s last day and Rudi&Vanessa’s first day so we went for Cenes to make it easy for everybody. Andy and I took of from the south side which was the right choice as we went up to around 1800m before hitting the inversion. Rudi flew twice from the west facing side. After that we called it a day. We had a look at La Herradura but there was no wind. 

Phil’s hill & La Herradura 

It was the last flying day for Geordie yesterday so after a top to bottom from Phil’s Hill we (Geordie, Andy, Chris, Marianne and I) all went flying at La Herradura until Geordie had to catch his plane. 

O2A & La Herradura 

Most of the group left this morning to catch their plane back home. As Geordie, Andy and Paul were still around for another day we went to fly at Otivar. Paul managed to fly to Almuñécar beach. Andy and Geordie had to wait for their second flight to get away and to fly to Almuñecar. 1700msl was the top out height at take off. Later on we went flying at La Herradura. A great day indeed!

O2H and Herradura!

Otivar was the order of the day today. Well done Phil, Hasta, Andy, Geordie, Alistair, Chris and Paul for making it to the La Herradura. Jerry well done for landing safely. Some good thermalling was done locally by some of the low airtime pilots. After that we all went soaring at La Herradura. Well done guys!


We went and had a look at Otivar this morning. Wind was quite strong from the east so we waited a while. As it wasn’t changing we decided to change site and go to Cenes. All had good flights some had even better fights and some had to big ear and speedbar to get down. Cloudbase at 2300m and an out and return to the Alhambra what is not to like…

6xO2H + 1xDOH

We decided to go to Otivar again today as it was forecast to be a light southerly. We arrived early at take off and started flying straight away. The low airtime pilots flew around Otivar most of the day practising their thermalling skills whilst the more experienced ones went for the O2H run. 


It wasn’t the best looking sky this morning but it did get much better during the day. Lots of top to bottoms for the newbies and lots of thermal practise for the more experienced ones. Some even managed to get up above take off. 

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