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Much better

Rudi Wouter Pieter Peter Philippe and Ken had a normal week’s flying as the weather had changed for the better. Lots of days flying at Cenes de la Vega. We managed one day Otivar which was enough for Ken to fly to the beach although conditions were marginal.


Difficult week

Rain and wind, wind and rain a difficult week where we had to drive to Darro to have at least one good day. 1900m asl and a two hour flight for some. A few top to bottoms at Cenes on the last day and that was it.

Mixed week

Huub, Martijn, Jan and Hein had a week of mixed flying. From top to bottoms from Itrabo to an O2H for Martijn a few days ago. Cenes south and west take off were flown as well.

Plenty of alpine and reverse launching practice to be had at different sites. La Herradura was the icing on the cake yesterday for a he guys.

Ducking and diving

Well it has been a tricky week with rain and wind trying to mess up the flying. Iain Helen and Graham managed a few good days at Otivar where they managed to fly to the beach of La Herradura followed by some soaring at the horseshoe bay. We even managed to open up a new site near Darro because the forecast let us down. It is called Helen’s Hill from now on. Oh almost forgot to mention that we had our first proper snowfall in the Sierra Nevada.

Last week

Last week came and went quickly with flying at Otivar, La Herradura and Cenes. We even managed to fly from Itrabo. Helen, Iain and Graham had a classic HC day a few days ago as they did the O2H run followed by some soaring above the sea cliffs of La Herradura. Rain and wind has come to visit us today so we chilled.

Moclín before…

Graham and I went to Moclin to see if we could escape the heavy cloud cover on the coast and fly of course. Ken, Wallis, Bryan and Alan decided to stay at the HC. Loo and behold a semi blue sky gave Graham a half an hour window to fly before big clouds started to approach towards Moclin.

Otivar and Otivar.

Yesterday we went to Otivar. Ken Wallis and Alan made it to the beach although conditions looked like nothing was working (high cirrus). Graham made it to Pena Escrita. Afterwards Herradura was on for those who fancied it.

Today at Otivar the sun was back in full form but it wouldn’t work properly. Big clouds behind take off stopped us from flying longer so we went home for a cuppa.


We drove up to Otivar and after checking the conditions we decided that Cenes was a better choice. And so it was…. cloudbase was 2250 asl achieved by Bryan in the afternoon. We tried several times to get to the Alhambra but to no avail. Still a good day!

Those who wait…

The two days of torrential rain were soon forgotten arriving at a blue sky at Otivar. Ken and Wallis managed to fly to Pico del Cielo before landing on the Herradura beach. Alan, Graham and Bryan (3 hours…) managed a normal O2H. They regrouped and came back up for another attempt. The clouds had built up a bit during the day but it was still flyable so Ken, Wallis and Graham went an another O2H whilst Alan and Bryan decided to chill.

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