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We went back to Otivar for some more thermalling. Conditions were good (1350msl) so Tim didn’t hang around and went for the beach of La Herradura. He messaged that the wind was quite strong (east) before getting to the beach so Iain, Helen, Steffen and Mike didn’t go further than the Pyramid. Conditions around Otivar got stronger as well so they all landed.


Otivar O2H

An even better day awaited (well the forecast said so) us at Otivar so we thought in the morning. But as we arrived it was completely overcast. Slowly but surely it started to open up and conditions improved. Ken went first for the beach followed by Wallis, Mike, Iain, Graham and Steffen. Dennis and Helen stayed flying around the Otivar area.

Otivar O2H

Finally an almost normal day around the coast so we went for Otivar. Ken and Wallis got away and flew to the beach whilst the rest flew around until the clouds got too big. We went and had a look at Itrabo but the big clouds followed us so we went home. Ben and Paul left for home in the afternoon.


And again back to Cenes for some more of the same we hoped like yesterday but it didn’t happen. Inversion was at 1700msl to start with so we hoped it would go higher but it went lower as the day carried on to 1500msl. Afterwards we went soaring at La Herradura.


A very good day

Again back to Granada because of the strong westerly winds on the coast. Conditions were quite good as cloudbase was around 2500msl so some went to Sabinas and back. Others tried to get to the Alhambra but couldn’t completely reach it.

Later on we flew at La Herradura with an increasing and decreasing every half an hour….not the best conditions but still it was flyable.

Cenes de la Vega

Yep still too strong on the coast to fly so back up to Granada to do some thermalling.

Cenes de la Vega

Back to Granada as the wind was still too strong at the coast. Plenty of thermic conditions so all had a ball. Iain and Helen arrived in the late afternoon.

Blowing a gale

It was way too strong to fly anywhere today so we did something else.

Cenes de la Vega

Again a strong westerly wind on the coast and again a trip to Cenes de la Vega to fly there for most of the day. Graham arrived in the evening.

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