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Blowing a gale

It was way too strong to fly anywhere today so we did something else.


Cenes de la Vega

Again a strong westerly wind on the coast and again a trip to Cenes de la Vega to fly there for most of the day. Graham arrived in the evening.

Cenes and La Herradura

A strong westerly wind on the coast made us go to Cenes. Ken and Wallis managed some flying there. Later on we got some soaring at La Herradura. Ben and Paul arrived in the late afternoon.


Otivar for Ken and Wallis with an overcast sky but still thermic enough for some flying around the sky.


Rain so no flying for Ken and Wallis who arrived in the afternoon.



The strong westerly winds (with now and then rain) we have been enduring for a few weeks seem to finally have disappeared. A light easterly wind in the morning made me go to Otivar. Thermal tops were at 1700m around the Peña Escrita area. So I went for the back ridge direction Pico del Cielo. Returning to take off was fairly straight forward.

GGXVI 06.04.18 day 11

We are waiting at the moment for some west wind on the coast to go soaring at La Herradura.

GGXVI 05.04.18 day 10

Otivar was called in the morning as the strong west wind finally gave in. We had a look and it looked good (well so we thought). Some had O2H on their mind others a flight around the area. Unfortunately a strong easterly wind stopped plans for those who tried flying to the beach. Geordie landed behind Phil’s Hill. Tom got a little bit further but also fell short. Paul had to divert his flight to Nerja. The rest stayed around the Otivar area and flew until they had enough. Afterwards we went to Cenes for an extended TTB.

GGXVI 04.04.18 day 9

More of the same weather (strong westerly winds) so we went back to Cenes. Martin and Tom did some more grid challenges. Then around 17:00 it all started coming together and bigger challenges were set. The Alhambra palace turnpoint was achieved and so was a trip to Las Sabinas. Cloudbase was at around 2400msl in the end.

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