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GGXVI 29.03.18 day 3

A strong westerly on the coast made us go to Cenes. Half the group managed an decent flight before the conditions worsened (strong south). So we waited a few hours until conditions became flyable again. The rest of the group got to fly until 20:00.


GGXVI 28.03.18 day 2

Again a good forecast for Otivar so we went back for more thermalling and XC. Tom, Paul and Phil went to Nerja. Geordie was the only one to get to La Herradura. Martin got drilled at Twin Peaks. The rest returned to take off from Sole Tree Ridge. Again we regrouped at La Herradura and got some more soaring in.

GGXVI 27.03.18 day 1

Conditions looked good for Otivar so we briefed the newbies and went flying. Thermal tops were around 1400msl so enough for an O2H and an O2A run for most of the group. We regrouped at La Herradura and as soon as the wind picked we went soaring.

GGXVI 26.03.18 arrival day

Some arrived in the morning and some arrived in the afternoon. Unfortunately the strong north wind decided to keep it not flyable for the whole day.


Andy and Jerry arrived the day before yesterday in the early afternoon. As the weather was non flyable they chilled. Yesterday it started off pretty bad but gradually it got better and before we knew we were soaring at La Herradura. A bit of wave (350m) made the fight even more enjoyable.

La Herradura

Chris and I left the hotel California for La Herradura at around 09:30 hoping for a flying window (bad weather approaching). I managed a 10 minute flight before it all switched off. We waited for a while but to no avail. Rain came instead.


Another flyable day for Chris albeit a 20 minute flight at Castala. Hans and Mike joined us for the day. Conditions are slowly but surely deteriorating but we are hoping to fly tomorrow before the rain arrives …

9 hours in 2 days…

Chris arrived yesterday around 13:30 and as we both had seen the forecast for the week coming we went straight to La Herradura. After 3 hours and 45 minutes he was allowed to come down.

Today we went for Otivar. Chris managed 1hr45min on his first flight with a top landing. His second flight was 2hrs with lots of out and returns to Sole Tree Ridge. We then went to Itrabo Libre for a 15 minute flight down and to finish off a good day to make it a great day we went soaring for 1hr15min at La Herradura.

The rest of the week is looking … let’s say complicated…

Thank you Darro!

We left a very very windy coast this morning. So we headed for Darro. It was tricky to start with as the wind was light during midday but afterwards it was working just fine. Gary managed 1700msl. Dom and Adam struggled to stay up but got two extended top to bottoms in.

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