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La Herradura and Cenes

As the forecast was for a south west wind and everything inland looked pretty bad we waited at La Herradura. We were rewarded with a 45 minute flight before it switched off completely and got too windy half an hour later.

Today we went for Cenes as there was a strong north westerly blowing at the coast. Adri, Peter, Hein and Mathias flew their socks off. Thermal tops were at 1900msl.


O2H and O2H

Saturday we had new arrivals. Appenzell from Switzerland (early afternoon) and Falcon’air from the Netherlands (late evening). The Swiss managed a flight from Alfamar before dinner.

Yesterday it was Otivar for an O2H flight for Adi. The rest stayed local. Today it was Otivar and again an O2H for Adi. The rest stayed local (again). We went for a flight at Cenes in the late afternoon.

11,12 and 13

On Wednesday the conditions were good flying at Otivar and there was even a possibility to do the O2H flight. Thursday the weather turned but we still managed to fly at Otivar. On Friday the weather made things even more difficult to fly.


A similar scenario today as to yesterday. At least Tim got to Sole Tree Ridge but came back because he couldn’t get enough height to make the transition to twin Peaks. Rob struggled around take off. Simon and Stephen were happy flying around Otivar. After a few hours of trying we returned to the coast. The guys flew down from Alfamar at the end of the day.


Rob, Tim and I tried and tried and tried some more but it was not to be. Thermal tops were around 1250m enough to get away but Tim couldn’t link up to any thermals at the Pyramid. So we regrouped at the HC. Simon, Stephen, Rob and I went to Cenes where thermal tops were a bit higher (3000msl!) well done Rob for flying to Sabinas and almost making it to the Alhambra.


Rob, Stephen, Simon and I went for Otivar this morning. Thermal tops were at around 1500msl so Rob and I went for the Pyramid. Luckily we had enough height to start with because the Pyramid wasn’t working so we moved to Sole Tree Ridge which was working. Rob continued to Twin Peaks and arrived with plenty of height above the beach. Simon and Stephen decided to stay local and fly their socks off and when they had enough they returned to the HC.

La Herradura

We decided to stay around La Herradura today as the forecast looked good for some soaring. At around 11:30 it all started kicking off. Pete took off first, then Mariette, I followed on the tandem with May, Iain was next then Helen and last but least was Mike. Tim followed a bit later on his Phantom. They all managed a good hours flying before it good a bit too strong. Later when the strong wind started to slow down a bit Helen and Iain tried again but it was slowly but surely switching off completely.


Iain and Helen did it again. They flew together to the beach of La Herradura from Otivar. It wasn’t a straight forward flight as both had to return from the Pyramid as the thermals weren’t properly working there. They both managed to climbed out again and continue their trip to the Pyramid (again but this time it was working), Sole Tree Ridge and Twin Peaks. Both arrived at a breezy beach with stacks of height.


And yet again another O2H day today. This time Iain and Helen succeeded in flying their task from Otivar to the beach of Herradura. We did go back up for another try but cloudbase had dropped too much and conditions looked rather too feisty. Still a good day!

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