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3 sites in one day

Martin, Chris and I went back to Otivar. Martin went for the coast but got drilled at Twin Peaks. Chris for Sole Tree Ridge but got drilled at the Pyramid so he returned and made it back to the landing field. Whilst Martin was walking Chris and I went for Itrabo Libre. He flew around for a hour before landing on the beach. We then went for La Herradura where I left Chris to fly so I could pick up Martin from Phil’s Hill.


A long wait….but

Martin, Chris and I went for Otivar expecting another epic day but arriving at the landing field the wind was blowing strongly from the north so we decided to go for Cenes. There we waited and waited and waited some more but no luck as the wind was too far off from the north east. So we went direction home defeated well almost as we had a look at Padul. Lo and behold it was working so Martin and Chris had a nice soaring flight after all…

Another good day!

Chris and I went for Otivar again today. Cloudbase was at 1600msl so we went together to the beach of La Herradura. We arrived with 1000m spare! Well done on your first of many O2H runs Chris! Martin who arrived this afternoon picked us up and we went back up for another flight. Martin went for the beach of La Herradura whilst Chris stayed behind to practise his thermalling skills.


Chris arrived yesterday afternoon but unfortunately without a wing as easyJet had left it behind in the UK. He decided not to wait the next day so he went to the airport to pick up his wing himself. As I had nothing better to do than to wait for him I went for a flight from Otivar to Pico Del Cielo (cloudbase was at 2100m). Back with his bag around 15:00 at Otivar Chris managed to squeeze a couple of hours of thermalling up to cloudbase before he had enough.

Finally back in the air…

Having done some maintenance on the hotel (new boiler, solar panels and other bits) it was time to get back in the air. Cloudbase at Otivar was around 1750m so I went to Pico del Cielo and back. I extended the flight towards the east to make it a bit more challenging before returning to take off. Romain and his clients were also there.

Cenes for a change

We (Michael, Amir, Henk and I) went to Cenes for a change. Only the south side was working up to 1600msl. Phil and Sarah chilled out at the beach.

Still stable but still flyable

Wednesday we went back to Otivar for more thermal practice for Henk, Michael and Amir. Phil and Sarah decided to go for a walk around Cerro Gordo. Today they came along to Otivar where Phil managed to get away and fly to the beach of La Herradura. The rest had more thermal practice. Afterwards they flew down from Itrabo.

Stable but flyable

Sunday and Monday Henk, Amir and Michael managed to do some thermalling at Otivar. We are having stable conditions at the moment which makes getting up above take off hard work (but oh so much more rewarding). Still they had some good practise. Today Phil joined them at Otivar. Again a stable but flyable Day. 1250msl and a beach run was possible (Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge were working) but tricky.


Woke up with a cloud covered sky but decided to go for a ride and a maybe flight at Otivar. It didn’t look very promising but I took off anyway.

Conditions were slow to start with but gradually got better and better. The Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge were in shade so I went for the sunny area direction east. Managed to fly to Itrabo and got back to take off with some topping up half way. By that time the sun was on Pyramid and Sole Tree Ridge so topped up there and returned to take off. Turned out to be a great day!

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